Maci Bookout’s relationship timeline

Well, now we have more evidence the two may be rekindling their love. It seems there may be little love lost after all because the two are now following each other again! A source also says that the two are in Las Vegas living it up with some friends. Despite breaking up last month after a cheating scandal, Maci tweeted a picture of her and Kyle with the following caption:. After a few minutes, Maci decided to delete the tweet and picture. Would could this mean? Are the former lovers trying to work things out or is Maci just confused about her feelings? Am I the only one who is confused? Her son Bentley is gone half of the week because he stays with his father.

So, ‘Teen Mom OG’ Fans Think Bentley May Not Be Ryan’s Son and We’re Like — Wait, What?

What’s more, Maci and Ryan’s rocky relationship intensifies when they move into an apartment together. Shortly after Maci gives birth to baby Bentley her life begins to crumble around her. Though the couple had only been dating for a short time when Maci became pregnant, they seemed set on not only being there for their son but on making a commitment to each other.

After the breakup with Edwards, Bookout began dating childhood friend Kyle King. The pair briefly lived together but ended their relationship in amid.

Back in the day, the moms used to date several guys of which only a few were showcased on the television show by MTV. The following 5 relationships date years back and were selected to showcase some of the most interesting moments of the past. After breaking up with her then-boyfriend Ryan Edwards, Maci went on to enter a new relationship. The new relationship was indeed a fresh start for the young mom and she just happened to find someone similar to her. In a lot of ways, Maci and Kyle were getting off to a good start.

They even moved in together after just a year of being a couple. Things happened and the couple split after more than a year of relationship February After the initial split and a short break, the couple reconciled and got back together. After the second try, things went south and there was no reconciliation afterward. Maci is now married to Taylor McKinney and Kyle is married to a woman named Kendall Withrow, with whom he shares a child. Back in the day, Jenelle met Kieffer at a beach-side party.

Reportedly, the two were a match, at first sight, getting to know each other better only elevated it further. Shortly after, Jenelle introduced Kieffer to her mom and as they say — the rest is history. This happened somewhere between when she met Courtland Rogers.

Top 5 Most Forgotten ‘Teen Mom’ Relationships

She was popular, athletic, and successful in school. She had aspirations to go away to college with her friends after she graduated high school. However her dreams were put on hold when she discovered she was pregnant at 16, with boyfriend, Ryan Edwards ‘ baby.

She accused Kyle of cheating. Then, Maci started dating her now-hubby Taylor McKinney in Two years later, the motorcycle racer moved.

It almost feels like MTV is having a harder time saying goodbye to the original Teen Moms than we are. Don’t get us wrong, we hated having to part from Maci, Amber, Catelynn and Farrah , but at least we have some more updates on this foursome now. Check out Teen Mom 2 ‘s Jenelle Evans’ leopard tattoo? Catelynn: It’s all about wedding planning! Viewers got to witness a tearful Catelynn find the perfect dress while shopping with her mom and loved ones, and also go “cake testing” with Ty.

But one hurdle remains—will their daughter Carly who they gave up for adoption attend the ceremony? Unfortunately, all we know is the soon-to-be newlyweds are going to write the adoptive parents and hope for the best. Clearly distressed and worried for their daughter Leah , Gary says, “I’m still a single dad and I’ll be a single dad tomorrow. Teen Mom 2 ‘s Kailyn Lowry engaged!

Maci McKinney

Maci Bookout is currently single after a year filled with break-ups, make-ups, and nude photo scandals. Or does it? At the end of the year, they make their Teen Mom debut, but by the second episode, they have already split. Maci briefly moves to Nashville to be near Kyle and attend college. July — Maci and Kyle King break up and reports surface that Maci and Ryan are trying to rekindle their relationship.

Maci Bookout and Kyle King (Reality TV) photos, news and gossip​. Find out more about.

Read the full rules here. See something? Say Something! Please report comments you believe break the rules, or send us a modmail. I will probably be attacked for this post, because so many people think Chelsea and Cole are the greatest couple in history, but are they really? Back in the day everyone was saying how great of a father Kyle was to Bentley, how they should get married, move in together, change Bentley’s last name etc.

Am i missing something?? I’m in the minority and agree with you for the most part.

Teen Mom’s Maci Bookout, Kyle King Split!

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the world to the two of us. We are so honored they agreed to share this wonderful day with us. The Wedding Website of Ryan Williams and Kyle Campbell.

Remember Kyle King? Even though they were able to navigate a long distance relationship and eventually move in together, in the long run, Maci and Kyle parted ways. Since then, we know Maci has moved on with Taylor McKinney and the two have started a family of their own. And a fun fact about Kendall: She has a twin sister named Jarren who is an assistant director at the same dance studio.

The family that dances together, stays together…. Kyle got down on one knee over a candlelit dinner and asked Kendall to be his bride. A photo posted by kyle king kyleking on Jun 17, at am PDT. In addition to taking the big plunge toward marital bliss, the couple is also preparing for another major life event: the birth of their first baby!

A photo posted by kyle king kyleking on Jun 20, at pm PDT. A photo posted by kyle king kyleking on Jul 7, at pm PDT. Related Posts. About The Author Jessica Bradford.

Maci Bookout

Last Tuesday we watched the absolute final episode of Teen Mom , which was a check up with Dr. Drew Pinsky. Whether or not the televised therapy sessions help the moms or not, viewers are addicted!

Both Maci and Regal deny this. Kyle Regal tweeted: For the people asking if me and @MaciBookoutMTV are dating. NO. I don’t think I’m.

As every Teen Mom fan knows there have been a lot of ups and downs and some seriously major changes in the lives of the stars over the years and it might be difficult to even remember a time when Amber and Gary were still together or maybe back when Maci was dating Kyle. If you have been loyally following the lives of Maci, Farrah, Amber and Catelynn since the beginning, find out how much you really remember about all the love, lives and drama of the early Teen Mom OG seasons with this quiz.

Start the Quiz! Why did Farrah move to Florida without Sophia? Share on FB. In what season did Gary propose to Amber the second time? Where did Maci move to after her breakup with Ryan? In what season did Catelynn and Tyler graduate high school? Whose mom and whose dad ended up getting married? What news did Amber break to Gary in the season four finale? Who did Amber date in season four?

Who was arrested in the season two premiere? Which mom went to school for communications?

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